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 To use the literary and Martial arts for the nation means to prepare for societies turbulence. It is very common to have at least one social disturbance in every “reign.” You should never abolish learning the      bugei (warrior arts), even in a short period. There are so many kinds of martial arts and among them only   jujutsu is needed and this is also true in times of peace. At this time it may be used for self protection. At the same time, a person that studies jūjutsu, also learns how to endure. The warrior understands the importance of separating anger from everything. Those who study jujutsu have good common sense and great character. If you ruin yourself over trivial things you may lose yourself, if you lose yourself your may eventually lose your home. This is a never ending cycle and you may not ever be able to recover from it. As with children and parents, the people to the nation, and to the country, sometimes you must sacrifice yourself for these things, in other words place them above yourself. To give an example to Ōtomo family was prepared to die in the mountains or the sea (in the earlier poem to die for the emperor).     Complete mastery of Budō in ancient times allowed warriors to make flying birds drop by using Kiai (spirit shout) training in martial virtues. Training with the essence of breaking evil and allowing just to prevail. If I paraphrase this you could say, the way to attain the summit is to follow the laws of nature. Therefore, there is no space between the heaven and earth, yourself and the opponent, and there is no space between anything in nature, all is connected and all is chaotic. In heaven it is natural to have In and Yō (positive and negative), and on earth the virtue of hard and soft. There are two main things that should be studied in Bunbu (literary and martial arts). These are the Golden rules (Iron rules in Japanese) of nature. The true warrior learns by himself. In the middle of heaven and earth one learns the mental status of preparing to die.

Showa 18 (January 5, 1943) – Kuki Takaharu

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