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Monthly Archives: June 2014


‘Shinobu’, to endure, carries a significance far beyond persevering through physical trials. Beyond fighting and physical survival, it is the ability to endure, overcome and shield one’s mental and emotional well-being from all forms of potential danger and harm.
Toxic relations, false friendships, deceitful business agendas, greed, jealousy, vindictive, weak, and sociopathic behavior and people: it is life and experienced by everyone at some point in time. Yet, it is the wise individual who recognizes and accepts that surviving and enduring dark episodes doesn’t mean living without scars, wounds, and residual pain. Wounds will continue to ache over the years. Scars will be visible to the survivor. Yet, the person who endures life’s attacks, regardless of the aftermath, will find a heightened sense of being, of intuition, and a sharpened awareness born within. Patience and time never heal everything completely, but instead slowly transform any residual pain into a tool to avoid future danger and personal loss. This is the heart of ninjutsu. As Toda-sensei said “if pain lasts, make a friend of it” for it will serve as a powerful ally. This is ‘shinobu’.