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The Seishin Dojo is based in Los Angeles, California.

For information on our practice times, location, and requirements to participate, please email:

or visit:


  1. Hello Brandon,

    IS there a date for the next Kacen Zoughari seminar is L.A. in 2010?

    Thank you,


    • Craig, the next Kacem seminar in Los Angeles will be in May of 2010. The specific weekend hasn’t been set yet, but I will post it as soon as it is confirmed.

  2. Just wanted to say this is by far the best collection of articles related to the art that I’ve ever seen. Thanks for posting!

  3. I became a fan site, I found better content on the Internet until now, congratulations

  4. Very good blog and all posts, has been an honor to read the contents of each section Dr.kacem, I have posted many things on our facebook group Bujin Munen

  5. hiya,my name is david caggie and i run bujinkan kage dojo in glasgow,scotland.i am a student and good friend of ian burrows,also friends with wayne waterlow,sandy marwick etc,all who reside in uk.i have been to several of kacems seminars and they were all very very good.i have been training in the bujinkan since jan 1987,under various instructors.i only met kacem in 2007,and havnt looked backed since.its been brilliant.this is just a small note,just to say hello,im here,in glasgow,so the seminar 11th and 12th of may,is this the one in hemel hemstead.also if i wanted to go to seminars in europe,in spain,italy etc,who would i contact for details etc.thaks.good training guys.

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